Miscellaneous Links:

Whats playing at the movies? - National movie guide
Photo.Net - Good photography site
K3w1 S1t3z - Hacking Online
K3wl S1t3z II - More Hacking Online
K3wl S1t3z III - Even More Hacking
Scanner Reference - Scanners/Amateur Radio Information
WEB counter - Count WEB Hits
Phone Book - Why buy a CD-ROM when you have this?
Phone Book II - This one will even do maps!
Phone Book III - Great for reverse searches (get name from ph. number).
USGS - GNIS - Coords of places across the US.
GPS Information - Lots of good links to GPS stuff.
One Look - Great dictionary
IEscrow - Safely buy/sell on the net
Modem FAQ - Useful FAQ
Anagrams - Find Anagrams
BuyComp - Online store
Currency Converter - Live and historical exchange rates
SMS Messages - Send a message to a GSM phone
The Sydney Morning Herald - Good Newspaper
Estonia - The shortest URL I have ever seen (http://www.ee).
RoadMail - Check any POP account for free from WWW interface

Friends/Acquaintances on the Net:

Rahul Dodhia - Former housemate and Brandeis University Alum.
Anthony Fried - Childhood friend from Belgium now living in Brizzie, Australia
Benjamin Tober - Former Phillips Academy/Brandeis University classmate, VW Bug owner ('73 Super).
Yves-Laurent Hansart - Childhood friend, tram enthusiast, BMW enthusiast.
Brendan Jones - The quintisential clubber from Wellington
Sascha Mundstein - Fellow Brandeis University Alum, currently at-large.

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